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 KBT-official-sponsor-transparentWhen visitors walk into the Old Talbott Tavern, there’s a feeling about the place. It’s well kept, but the passage of time is evident in a few creaking floorboards. There’s an air about the place that speaks of people who have come and gone, spending time in the pub and retiring to their rooms before an early morning departure.

Travelers used to arrive on horseback or in buggies; today they come in automobiles. Tourists and locals mingle and lives intertwine in the “ordinary,” a place to rest and receive nourishment before traveling on to their final destination.


Stay, Dine and be Entertained…

Since the late 1700s, the Old Talbott Tavern on Court Square has provided shelter, food and drink to Kentucky travelers.

Bed & Breakfast
According to legend, figures straight from the history books sought lodging here during their travels.

Fried chicken and country ham are the house specialties. For dessert, chess pie and Talbott Tavern pie are favorites.

The Bourbon Bar
The Bourbon Bar offers refreshing drinks and live entertainment on the weekends.


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